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Sunday, October 22, 2017

This week am gonna be purry busy

So the Mom am getting nervous... about the trip to Manhattan, Kansas on Wednesday morning with Mama and the Ninja kittens...  And Lovey the grey kitty is still having trouble seeing - she is adjusting some tho.

Mom and 3 of 4 Ninja Kittens
Needs to ask our Cat Tails rescue friend what time to be there again... and how many carriers - can we puts Mama in a carrier, girls in one carrier and Oliver in another?  And how will they behaves? These are furry shy babies who not been on trips afore...

Pam's Pups at the vet


and Pam and her little doggies haz to be out on and moved by Wednesday too, yet the trailer they moving to may not be ready by then. We iz purring that the landlord will let Pam haz times to gets to the new trailer... and be goods about that. 

Mom finks there am a law that we can use and we needs to know what dat law am. After all it only five more days til the first and Pam needs helps to moves. And if her current landlord wants to be difficult, then we can callz KAKE On Your Side - and we will too.

And about the backed up toilet... well still backed up!! Still haz to rent sumpin called an Auger to clean the pipes or call Roto Rooter and we don't haz moneys fur dat. And Mom still going to QT fur bathroom... Don't know why she can't just use another litter box...

I asked Mom why don't we hire a bunch of worms and a mole to clean the sewer.  And she said that the Mr. Mole and Worms Sewer Cleaning went out of business after they hired three Chipmunks named Alvin, Simon and Theodore.
Oh well.

Silvia's Gordo and Ronnie need checkups at the vet. Ronnie is acting up and peeing on the bed and him doesn't do that and Gordo has red in him pee... So we needs purrz fur dat and go to vets fur checkups. Auntie Silvia am watching Ronnie's weight cause Doc wants to do a thyroid test if he loses more. Gordo was losing weight. Her watching him too.  

And we are still trying to catch Chico and his sister Veronica...  they are just too smart fur traps, yet they will come into Silvia's motel. So please wish us purrz and purrz that we get Chico and Veronica caught and fixed cause Chico just figured out hims sister am a girl yesfurday. And dat means we mights haz kittenz soon.

Now about dats Sunday Selfie stuffoms... I would like to show you my bestest selfie from long times...  (two years ago August).  I haz on my bestest smile...

Purrz from Oreo Robin William,
Repurrting fur Sunday Selfie Day
Katiez Furry Mewz

Please stops by Brian's Home to say loves and purrs fur Sascha who just went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday... Fond Farewell to Sister Sascha
Dear Sweet Sister Sascha… you will be so very missed… Thank you dear girl for giving Dad Terry and Mom and Brian and all the other kitties all the loves you could gives them. We shall see you on the other side.

Purrz and Prayers from Katie and all of the Katie Katz
Psalm 36:6-7 “O LORD, You save both man and animals (in Heaven). How precious is Your loving kindness…”

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thankful Fings And Fings Fur Purrz and Helps About.

(Update on the backed up toilet: looks like going to be a bigger job - have to go thru the clean out outside and use a thingy that cleans pipes - Angel)
 Hiya! Chiquita and me, that's Angel are here with Sunday Selfies and the KFM Mewz Repurrt. After our blog post, we am helping Mom with a backed up toilet... see I am guarding the gloves and the trash bags till mom needs dat...

Sum good fings haz been happening...

Furst uvs all, a lady with three doggies, who am being evicted from her home because her landlord am tearing the house down, founded a new place to move but needs help with first months rent because her haz to move before her SSI comes in. The mom was able to gets her an appointment at a place called Center of Hope (she and the lady's daughter and boyfriend had to gets in line at 2:30 inda morning last Tuesday to make the appointment!). The appointment was Thursday and they are going to be able to help with most of the money for the first month's rent, but not all of dat - she needed 150 more. Well the mom mentioned it on Facebook and two folks sent 75.00 - and then yesfurday, someone donated a junk car and we gots the other 75.00 plus a $20 dollar donation! Hooray! Lady will still needs help moving cause her car went kaput plus tags and insurance which is about $148.00. Please purrz and helps fur dat. We don't know what wrong with car. She is going to donate a fridge and a microwave when her moves.

Mama and Kitties am going to Manhattan, Kansas to all get fixed in about ten days... on October 25th. And then go to their furever home. Still need abouts $200 to helps them get fixed.


And Mama am going to try and catch kitties tonight at Silvia's motel. We missed trapping them last night due to rain... we were hoping to trap them last night and bring them in to KHS to get fixed this morning but now just need to save them before they get hurt. Another feral kitty caregiver is lending us a drop trap. Also Guero, who had surgery to remove his urethra, may have UTI. He gets them easily... and needs to be seen at the vets. 

Please keeps us Katie Katz and folks we helps in your purrz and prayers... we always needs foods and stuffs.
A little donation can go a long way. You can PayPal with gift to friends at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

And the lady who gave us the blind kitties and Lady Grey and her kitties asked us to pick up her cat food today. She usually pays us back - just need purrs to haz times to go there today.  

Cause the toilet overfloweth this morning and da bathroom am where Mama and the babies hang out ...seriously -gotta fix dat. Mama and the babies are hanging out in carriers right now.
And we gots folks who needs us to do all sorts of stuffoms today... and we haz to go picks up the drop trap! Too much stuffoms to do and we sure needs purrz fur dat.

So dat's sum of da fings going on here at Katiez Furry Mewz.. 

Thanks fur all your purrz and support
Angel and Katie the Mom.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Peachy, Angel and Chiqui Wants to Know...

Miss Peach, Angel and Chiquita decided to takes their selfies on the covered porch today...

Miss Peach


...and they wants to knows... has you seen our mew pages?

Haz you reads our KFM Story yet?

Chico, Chiquita's half-brother

AND Chico, a feral kitty at Silvia's place, who furry much wants to lives inside (we are trying to trap him) asks has you reads Silvia's Story?

They tell about us and how we needs your purrs and suppurts...  As as soon as furry pawsible.
Lady Grey & Ninja Kittens

Can you help us help more kitties?

We gots rents to pays, cat foods, vet visits... and even a Mama kitty and kittens who needs fixed. Please share our stories and help more folks catch the vision of Katiez Furry Mewz, a pet helping ministry, and helps us become a life care sanctuary to help more pets in need, especially us kitties!

One more fings....

Haz you heards?

The Mom went to a seminar hosted by HSUS last week and it was furry goods! You can learn more about rethinking Cat Rescue at 

More furry mewz furry soon....
Angel, Peach, Chiquita
and Chiquita's half brother, Chico.

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Furry Good Mewz Fur Dash and Blind Kitties


Friday brother and I took two blind kitties to a forever foster in Manhattan, Kansas.. These two boys are related to Baby Girl and the Ninja Kittens who are still hanging out in my bathroom waiting to go to their forever home.

I took them to the vet before brother and I drove to Manhattan, Kansas. Baby Boy 1 and Baby Boy 2 hanging out in carriers waiting for the Vet who was late getting back to his clinic...


Then when the vet finally came, I forgot to take photos! Dr. Johnson checked their eyes and the blindness is not being caused by cataracts. The pupils responded to light and Kitty Boy 1 kind of reacted to a cotton ball falling in front of him. They don't follow the movement of my hand. The blindness must be something neurological. Their mew foster and Cattails Rescue Manhattan, the rescue supporting her will have the kitties checked out at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan.


Here are the blind kitties first selfies in their mew home. They are hanging out in luxury suites while getting to know their mew hangout. Their mew foster mommy reports that they are getting lots of loves and cuddles and love being held.  A mew photo from today. Boy 1 is in the Luxury Suite and Boy 2 is sitting outside.  Their foster mommy just texted me that their mew Foster names are Marco and Polo! Marco is the three year old with white on his chest and Polo is the seventh month old boy... Purrz dear sweeties that all goes well fur your little boy oppurayshuns furry soon!

Marco on the left, Polo on the right
"Sit Dash!"

Just about a week ago, I posted goofy Dash my foster dog up on Facebook again..I was so worried about him not having an indoor home yet and weather changing soon. and the bestest home responded - a family with two other bull mastiffs! They came yesterday afternoon to pick him up. Dash finally has a real home!!! Dash was so excited to meet new people that he didn't eat his lunch! We had to work with him to calm down. They brought one of their bull mastiffs who has been trained as a service dog. They visited with him in the back yard for almost an hour before leaving. Here he is learning to sit for a milk bone from his new human sister. His new Mastiff girl friend behind him is Piper.

And here he is happy to get in the back of their van.
He loves car rides!
Dash and Piper in the van
His mew family has quite a few
Getting a new harness
folks in it, plus three other dogs and two cats!!

He is doing well with all the of them.. and of course the boy cats are letting him know they are the boss of the house MOL!!!

That's The Good Mewz this weekend! 

We are still needing to raise funds to get Baby Girl and the Ninja kittens fixed and to their forever home in Junction City. Unfortunately Spay and Neuter of Kansas refused to let me use their services, because I said these kitties were "rescued." For some odd reason, they don't help rescues get babies fixed before they go to a new home. Their new mommy would have to call and only if she lives in Wichita or moves there. (😿 What Spay and Neuter doesn't know is that I had been hoping to help them help more pets get fixed by raising funds in the near future... hmmm).

I am going to speak to Cattails and see if they can get Baby Girl and her kittens fixed if I raise the funds. Right now I know we will need at least $200.00 raised. Please consider sending any amount to help by paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com using gift to friends.- I will speak to Cattails and see how much more they will need. Please keep Baby Girl and her kittens, Oliver, Faith, Hope and Lovey in your purrz that we can get their needs taken care of furry soon.  We will have a new You Caring campaign up asap. Please look for that update on the side of the blog and if you have Facebook - will be a notice there.

--- More Mewz next timez.

(if anyone of our readers uses another social media besides facebook, please let us know and we will try posting there as well)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thankful fur Tomorrowz and Catz Meow Transport

Gracie (L) Faith (R)
Gracie and Faith wants to knows...

Gracie: Hey Mommy Lady, what am Tommorowz?

Mommy Lady: That am the day after today.

Gracie: Then how comes you said we waz gonna blogs tomorrowz that was Monday.

Mommy Lady: Oh I did say that... ooops... well tomorrow can also mean a day in the future.

Faith: So duz thats meens we gonna getz a mew home tomorrowz?

Mommy Lady: Furry Furry Soon... furst you haz to visit a vets and getz surgeriez so you not haz kittens...

Faith: I wants to bee kittenz furever with a Mew Mommy!
Mama and kittens in the sink

Gracie: Me tooz!  

Mommy Lady:  You two and your sisfur Hope, brofur Oliver and Mama Baby Girl aka Lady Grey are going to lives with a furry sweet lady in Junction City. She mights even give you mew names. The names you haz nows are for your Ninja kitten training secret identities...  Before you can go to your mew home, we haz to raise funds fur your surgeries and shots and stuff.

Baby Girl and Oliver
 Oliver: How we gonna do that?

Mommy Lady: We am asking folks if they can sends funds to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com thru PayPal.  

We are going to need at least 45.00 per girl kitty. Oliver will only need 35.00  That is if we can get evfurry one into Spay and Neuter of Kansas - that is about 215.00 dollars.  (If we can't go there, then the next place is Kansas Humane Society and that is 60 each and does not even include shots! )  We will gets a you caring ups by the next blog post.

Baby Girl: Thank you for looking after me and my children... I am glad you have found us a place to be loved. And thank you for helping my housemates too...

Baby Girl's House mates, two blind kitty boys (one of them might be the father of Baby Girls kittens) will be going to see the vet tomorrow or Saturday and then heading to
Manhattan, Kansas and a foster home (or forevers... ).  Katiez Furry Mewz will be paying for their shots and one dose of flea meds...  Which will come to about 150.00. Right now due to helping another kitty get seen last week who had lots of neglect from terrible ear mites... we only have about 71.00.  A furry kind person sent 50.00 for Gordo to check hims teeth. 

Howsumever, Gordo is doing better right now (thank goodness) - and so we can use the funds to help the blind kitties, leaving about 30.00 still needed for their vet visit.   tomorrow.

Angel: hey you purrmiced more photos of the Catz Meow kitty transport on Sunnyday!!

Mommy Lady aka Katie Kat: Oh thank you so much Angel fur reminding me.

Here are some photos from the kitty transport on Sunday. Everything went furry well with getting the kitties to the next person... Bonnie was our first pick up. Bonnie is mobility challenged - missing back feet and no tail... such a furry sweet girl!
Picking up Bonnie
We took Bonnie from Wichita to Salina where she went with another kitty named Gracie onward to other drivers to get them to Colorado. Bonnie and Gracie needed a towel between them since they didn't know each other
Bonnie in our rental c

In Salina, we picked up Gracie's Mama (aka Mommaz) and her 3 sisfurs and took them to Oklahoma to meet their forever Mommy! Samantha one of the kittens was hyperventilating when we picked up Mommaz and Kittens in Salina... getting hot that day. Howsumever, by the time we got to Oklahoma, Samantha was playing with my fingers!

Gracie (L) Bonnie (R) in Salina onward together

Mommaz, and kittenz waiting for transfer

Mommaz and Kittenz in our rental
Transferring Mommaz and Kittens to furever Mommy
Samantha one of the kittenz

Please consider sharing or helping the Kittiez in Need at Katiez Furry Mewz: Lady Grey and her kittens to get their surgeries ($215) and to helps pay vet bill for blind kitties (after donation will be about 100.00 - this includes using care credit 70.00 and out of pocket of 30.00) by PayPal as gift to friends to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

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